The surrounding area

The path of the border (le chemin de la frontière) 

"Alter Grenzweg or Chemin de la Frontière" is a European pathway created from the collaboration between the villages of Berviller-en-Moselle (France) and Berus (Germany). This historico-cultural hike allows not only to discover beautiful landscapes, but also to learn a little more about the history of the region.
The 2 maindeparture points are the European Monument in Berus or the town hall of Berviller-en-Moselle. The way is approximately 7km and a length of 2 to 3 h.
This walk highlights the links between these common borders, the strong links before war decreased by history, and also that through Europe and the various regional stakeholders links are created again but there are still challenge ahead.

The Tafel Tour

The hiker follows in the footsteps of former counter-bandiers passing by rich landscapes with splendid views.
This course is about 12.5 km and a length of 3 to 4 h. The starting point is the European monument. This way follows the path of the border in party.
The walk got the Premium label awarded by the German hiking Institute.

Here is a small example of the places having some importance on this path.

The European Monument

A few steps away is a piece of the Europan history that can be found. This monument is the symbol of Franco-German friendship, two nations pilot of the European Agreement.

The idea and design of the book are Helmut Bubble then Saarland Minister and inhabitant of Überherrn. He adhered to the ideas of  Robert Schuman(Lorrain) , and it is with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer that in 1966 the first stone was laid. -.

Chapel Ste Oranne

Oranne of Eschweiler is a Catholic Saint, who lived in the 6th century. Celebrated September 15, it is particularly invoked to relieve earaches and dizziness. Oranne is the patron saint of the Moselle German-speaking.


Artistic installation created by Anni Kenn-Fontaine. This work symbolizes the links between the 2 border villages, and by extension the Germany and the France.
This work was carried out in collaboration with the primary schools of 2 villages, and we see the palms of the hands of children in the villages.

The artist's website

von mir zu dir - zu mir von dir / from me to you - to me from you

A work in granite, located at the point of demarcation between Germany and France, this title
von mir zu dir - zu mir von dir / from me to you - to me you from you is derived from a text of a living poet to Berus, Gerhard Tanzer. This stele is the symbol for the rapprochement of the two peoples.

The chapel of Saint Blaise

The chapel Saint-Blaise, erected in 1894 on the chapel Sainte-Oranne road, near an old oil mill.

The Church Saint Fiacre

The parish church, built in 1751 and restored in the 19th century. In the Gallery, above the entrance, Dalsgaard-Haerpfer organ (installed in 1890), impressive by its size, remained in its original state.