Family rides

Stade Nautique de Creutzwald (11 km)

The pool of Creutzwald features indoor and outdoor pools. Inside: a 25 m pool (6 lines of water, 2 lane 50 m), a leisure pool, a wading pool for children, a slide of 50 m, a hot tub surrounded by a corridor of swimming against the current, a 15-metre diving Tower

Outdoors: a free-form pool, outdoor wading pool and a Green Park.This pool offers aerobics, aquatic Zumba, aquarunning and aquabiking...


Centre Nautique Calypso with sarrebrueck (34 km)

l has a pool with seawater out so when it's cold, avoid making a bomb in l´eau, unless you want to get very hot, because I have the experience and ca heat! There is also an Olympic Basin, a 'whirlwind', a 'normal' basin, a discrete pool in the half-light, a wading pool and another basin outside. - the Wild River: three slides on leading all on a pool

-the black hole: a waterslide plunged in total darkness with several flashes and lights

-Coca-Cola SLIDE: the fastest slide prohibited at less than 8 years

-the slide to buoys as we have dubbed it: If you want to sample a very rapid descent in buoy, it is the ideal slide. There are two kinds of buoys: the buoy in solo and double buoy.

Optionally you can also go in small jacuzzis and hammams (extra charge).

For those who have the munchies restaurant is available (charges apply).


Zoo amnéville (61 km)

One of the most beautiful zoos in Europe! 2000 animals from 5 continents, belonging to 320 different species: wild beasts, elephants, giraffes, primates, tropical vivarium, shows sea lions and parrots, white Tigers,.
orangutans in a gigantic installation


walygator Amnéville

The Walygator Park, it's 60 attractions, shows and animations available in 5 thematic.


Animal Park Ste Croix (79 km)

In lush greenery of 120 hectares, the Animal Park Sainte-Croix is a place of discovery of the European fauna and global biodiversity. 3 trails take you to meet over 1,500 animals of 100 species living in semi-freedom. You can observe including bears, deer, lynx, bison, and several packs of wolves Wolves of Alaska and Europe.